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Fantasies in Fetish Collection (Book Preview)

Short, sweet, and extra spicy is the name of the game with our latest installment, featuring 25 kinky vignettes that are sure to get your juices flowing...

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The Photo Shoot (Book Preview)

Allison Hall pays a visit to a local dominatrix who promises to teach her a thing or two during a very special kinky photo shoot...

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Her New Cuckold … Locked (Book Preview)

As Kate grows more comfortable in her extramarital affair, her lover begins to encourage her dominant side, starting with locking her husband into chastity...

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Weekend Plans

A newly-appointed domme takes a few minutes out of her day to write a tantalizing letter to her budding slave boy...

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Unexpectedly Interrupted

Caught off-guard when his girlfriend catches him watching chastity porn, Adam's world is turned upside down when she orders him a belt of his very own...

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One Last Tease...

One Last Tease… (Book Preview)

David finds himself in a kinky dilemma after his girlfriend breaks up with him and then shows up at his door to propose one final night of fun...

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She's everything that you ever wanted, yet she doesn't even know you exist...

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Honeymoon Training

A new bride enlists the help of a professional to mentor her into a new life with her submissive hubby on the honeymoon that they both won't soon forget...

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The Contract

Rebecca surprises her timid boyfriend with an enthusiastic interest in his desires for a kinkier lifestyle...

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The Replacement

Frustrated with her new boyfriend's sexual performance, she digs a little deeper to find the root of how to liven up the intimacy between them...

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