Story Tags

Also known as story codes, these keywords are used to help describe specific elements of interest that can be found within a story, making it easier both to browse and also search for stories based on a reader's own preferences.

The tags found here on are mostly similar to those that you may have encountered on other sites, however I encourage you to consider the following list nonetheless to ensure that you're able to quickly find the stories that interest you the most during your visit...

Theme Tags:

  • anal - anal sex ... the forbidden fruit
  • bondage - ropes and handcuffs and other restraints
  • boot worship - there's nothing like the taste of boot leather to get the adrenaline pumping
  • caning - classic form of discipline with a harsh, wooden stick
  • CBT - cock and ball torture
  • chastity - bondage of one's genitals, often including tease & denial
  • crossdressing - usually boys dressing up like girls, but occasionally vice-versa
  • cuckolding - she sleeps with other men, typically with overtones of domination and humiliation
  • discipline - pain and sexually-charged torture
  • domination - savoring control over another
  • electroplay - fun with electricity
  • fashion - clothing, including fetish wear, plays a specific role
  • feet - a particular interest in feet or footwear
  • fetish - be it shoes or boots, leather, latex, or anything else that turns us on...
  • forced orgasms - the greatest pleasure or cruelest torture, all a matter of perspective
  • forniphilia - a bondage specialty focused on transforming the submissive into furniture
  • gang bang - don't stop til you get enough
  • humiliation - embarrassment or shame, often accompanied by dominance and submission
  • hypnosis - conscious or subconscious persuasion or mind control
  • isolation - all alone with one's thoughts, wrapped in a world of bondage
  • masturbation - play with yourself, or play with a friend!
  • mummification - encasement in multiple wraps of a material such as cloth, plastic, or tape
  • nipple play - pleasure and pain via one’s nipples
  • pain - there's bad pain, there's good pain, and then there's REALLY good pain!!!
  • public - playing outside the realm of closed doors
  • role playing - playing pretend - the naughty nurse, saucy secretary, etc, etc...
  • self bondage - sometimes if you want yourself tied up right, you have to do it yourself
  • sensory deprivation - they say that the blocking out of some senses serves to amplify those that remain
  • spanking - lower your panties, bend over, and accept what's coming to you
  • submission - knowing one's place, grateful simply to be within his or her glow
  • tease & denial - always so close to climax, and yet still a million miles away...
  • torture - extreme, persistent, unyielding discipline
  • trampling - one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

Orientation Tags:

  • f-self - female, by herself
  • F/f - dominant female, submissive female
  • F/m - dominant female, submissive male
  • F+/m - multiple dominant females, one submissive male
  • F+/m+ - multiple dominant females, multiple submissive males
  • FM/m - dominant male and female, one submissive male
  • FM+/f - multiple dominant males and females, one submissive female
  • m-self - male, by himself
  • M/f - dominant male, submissive female

Orientation tags are most often grouped to indicate the intentions of those in the story.  For example, a story tagged F/m would involve a dominant female and a submissive male or a story tagged FM/f would involve a submissive female dominated by both a man and woman.

These can be used for any quantity of participants, however typically any more than two of a given tag are indicated as F+ - for example, a story involving a submissive man dominated by several women would be tagged here as F+/m.

Special Gear Tags:

  • armbinder - bondage that hold one’s arms parallel behind his or her back
  • ballet boots - fetish-oriented shoes designed to hold the wearer's foot in a strict ballet pointe
  • boots - ankle, knee, or thigh-high - wear 'em or worship 'em just the same...
  • corsets - few things lend to the female form like a tight-laced corset
  • high heels - high fashion with an element of bondage, graceful and restrictive
  • hood - bondage that encloses the wearer’s entire head, typically in leather or latex
  • latex - slick and shiny, like a second skin
  • leather - the ultimate fetish material
  • lingerie - stockings and garters, the spice of life!
  • neoprene - like SCUBA divers wear - go deep, baby!
  • sleepsack - encasing the wearer from head to toe like a tight sleeping bag
  • straitjacket - call me crazy, but bondage is pretty fun!

Ambiance Tags:

  • beginners - everybody's gotta start somewhere
  • blackmail - some people simply require more "persuasion" than others...
  • female-led relationship - a more formal, 24x7 relationship between a dominant female and her male submissive
  • playful - who ever said whips and chains always have to be serious?
  • reluctant - I don't know about this...
  • romantic - with a glass of red wine and a leather rose, love is in the air

While tags such as reluctant and blackmail imply uncertainty or forced participation in a given activity, all of the stories on this site ultimately depict acts that are explicitly consensual by all parties involved.  Some stories may entertain fantasies as such, however you will not find themes relating to blatantly non-consensual acts or rape on this site.

Intensity Tags:

  • extreme - scenes of heavy restraint, discipline, and torture, with an explicit D/S orientation
  • light - elements of bondage and fetishes with a fun, bedroom attitude
  • moderate - a bit more experience, and all of the neat toys that come with it
  • serious - more advanced elements of bondage and domination with an intense devotion
  • sex-only - passionate settings, but no real kink involved

Special Places & Occasions Tags:

  • bondage club - pull up a chair, or a whip - whatever suits you!
  • doctor's office - you're going to feel a little pressure...
  • fitness - and you thought exercise was painful WITHOUT whips and chains!
  • internet - what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet...
  • pro domme - involving one who makes a living from specializing in kinky services
  • sex shop - think Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but with kinky sex toys
  • the mall - shopping, shopping, and shopping
  • vacation - a little time to get away, a little time for a lot of play!
  • wedding - few things are sexier than a woman all dressed up on her big day...
  • work - a little on-the-job fun to help make the day go by!