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Shockingly Relaxing

Coming home early for a little time to herself, Melanie finds her boyfriend self-bound and decides to show him a few things he can't do by himself...

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Posted in Stories on October 28th, 2010

“Well, what do we have here???” Melanie asked inquisitively as she walked through her bedroom door to find her boyfriend naked and bound on the bed in front of her.  Home early from the office, she had been hoping to be able to relax in a nice, warm bubble bath and unwind by herself, however it seemed that her plan had instead been interrupted…

A muffled cry came from beneath her boyfriend’s gagged lips as he turned his head towards the doorway, but the silk blindfold that he had wrapped tightly around his eyes prevented him from seeing the unexpected visitor.  His ears perked up as he heard her heels step softly around the room and over to the bed where he had bound himself kneeling less than an hour ago.

Melanie giggled as she examined his bonds, lightly running her fingers over the leather straps that held his calves to his thighs, then tracing them upwards to the cuffs that held his wrists behind his back and down close to his ankles.  A complex harness of more straps wrapped around his body, digging into his chest muscles and highlighting his pecs just as it had on the day that she bought it for him two years ago.  She noticed a ring full of keys swinging on a string behind him and assumed that they were his escape mechanism for both the harness and the cuffs, and it was then that her eyes fell to the area directly in front of him where Melanie found his real motivation for such an elaborate bondage scheme.

Hanging down between his legs that had been separated by a short spreader bar was a small box with several wires sticking out of it, each of which lead up to his groin.  Around his cock and balls was a plastic chastity device that held two of the electrodes in place, with a third wrapped around his balls and a fourth leading back to what appeared to be a plug up his ass.  Red lights flashed on the box in different patterns, running through one of several preset programs that had been built into the electro-torture device.  As she watched his body begin to shutter, she looked down and raised an eyebrow, impressed at the intensity that her man was currently taking.


Bringing her hand down hard on his right buttock, she spoke, “Didn’t expect me home so soon, did you, baby?”  Laying down another smack on his upper thigh, she continued, “Now how am I supposed to have a relaxing bath with you out here making all of this noise?!”  As the electro-torture box continued to ramp up his session even higher, she climbed up on the bed behind him, reached around to grab his erect nipples with her sharp fingertips, and whispered into his ear as she dug her nails into his flesh … “You interrupted my time, so now I’m going to interrupt yours…”

He thrashed against both her grip and the electricity soaring through his genitals while she held him tight against her own body and laughed, breathing deeply down his neck.  Her hands explored his naked body at her leisure, his own bondage more than enough to keep him in place.  Nibbling playfully around his ears and neck, she ended with a big kiss through the leather gag wrapped around his lips before jumping off the bed and disappearing into their closet for several moments…

Melanie rummaged through their toy box, unsure of what she could add to her boyfriend’s predicament until finally coming to the tight leather armbinder that hung nearby.  Thinking back to how pathetically cuffed his wrists had been behind his back, she beamed a blissful smile as she retrieved it from the hook, along with her favorite pair of nipple clamps that she knew would really make him howl!

Back in the other room, the man’s struggles had subsided and he knelt there quietly while she surveyed his position from the doorway.  Normally this would probably be where he would work to grab the keys so that he could release himself, seeing as how she had discarded them to the dresser on the opposite side of the room, now it was her turn to have a little fun…

“There are just some things that you can’t do without me…” Melanie told him as she unfastened the cuffs around her boyfriend’s wrists.  Too exhausted to move, he waited for the next buckles to come undone so that he could eventually collapse into the mattress, but was sharply taken aback when instead he felt her running a cool piece of leather up his already strained arms that he soon identified as their armbinder.  “But don’t worry, baby,” she said as she began to cinch up the laces, bringing his arms closer together behind his back, “Now I’m here to help pickup the slack!”

With each emphasis, she tugged the laces tighter and tighter until his straining arms were only a couple of inches apart.  “I oughta make ‘em touch like you always insist that mine do!” she jeered as she then fed each of the smaller buckles first around the binder itself, then around his shoulders, as if it was somehow possible for the sheath to slip off now on its own anyways.  Clicking a couple of extra silver padlocks on each of the clasps with a cold and resounding *click*, she then climbed off the bed again and reached for something alongside the bed before taunting, “See – here’s something else that you can’t do without me…”

Taking a small remote control in one hand, Melanie flipped her golden blonde hair out of her face and grinned as she pressed a small, blue button on the control.  A few seconds later, a small motor began to whir which he quickly recognized as the winch that the couple had installed above the canopy of their bed.  First taking up any slack that had been left in the cable, the winch then proceeded to pull on a small D-ring in the end of the armbinder until the man’s posture was much different kneeling on the bed.  Instead of being able to rest back on his legs, they were now pulled up straight as his taut arms ran nearly parallel to the bed itself, thus pulling his exhausted body into a tight bow.

Melanie knew that it was a strenuous position, but laughed to herself nonetheless as she reached out to touch one of the small beads of sweat now forming on his skin.  Tapping the button twice more, she giggled, “Now that’s bondage!” before setting the remote back on her nightstand and walking around to his front with her second gift in hand.

Pulling the silk blindfold from his eyes, he looked up to see her rosy cheeks and a mischievious smile just before noticing the wicked nipple clamps she held in her hands.  He had a love-hate relationship with them – she loved them, he hated them – and his mind he replayed how they cleverly tightened themselves even further when their victim struggles against them as she happily latched the jaws onto each nipple.  Knowing that she only used them when she planned to exploit that very feature to its very fullest, he began to groan with a desperate anticipation into his gag as he then watched her run a small leather cord from the clamps up to a hook in the bed’s canopy and tighten it until the chain connecting the clamps themselves pulled far away from his chest…

“What?” she asked with a not-so-innocent laugh as her eyes fell on his, dismissing his fatigue with her bubbly grin.  “I’m just trying to help you relax – isn’t that what you wanted?!”  Hanging his head in exhaustion, she shook her head and smirked as she retrieved another leather cord from her nightstand, which she proceeded to tie between the armbinder and a hook on the top of his head harness, forcibly pulling his head back up to her eye level as she continued with her lecture.

“Besides,” she said, running her thumb across the leather gag, “I’ll bet you those are my panties gagging your mouth right now, aren’t they?!  You had this coming!”

His eyes dropped to the floor, but all they could see was her cute, tapping foot before tracing her soft, feminine figure back up to the glossy lips that taunted him so.  He sighed in true helplessness as Melanie wrinkled her nose playfully at him, then reached for the box resting on the bed between his legs…

“I’ll tell you what…” she began, “I’m going to go take my bath, and if you can get through this program that I setup for you with a minimal amount of whining, when I’m done I’ll set you free!  Of course, if you can’t be quiet,” she hinted, momentarily turning up the first knob on the controls just past the zone where she knew he was comfortable, “then you might not be getting those keys back for a while…”

Snickering, she set the box back down on the bed, then, doing a double-take between him and the bed once again, stopped and continued, “Actually, I think I’m going to run it two levels higher than normal because of this mess you made on my comforter!”  Wagging her finger at him as she walked past, she ran her fingers across the chain of the clamps one last time and whispered, “Enjoy!” before disappearing into the bathroom and partially closing the door behind her.

A few moments later, the man’s sighs heightened once again as Melanie’s new program activated and started pulsating electricity between his balls and ass considerably higher than he had been running himself right out the gate.  What minimal struggles he could even manage against his new bonds still enough to cause the clamps to dig deeper and begin their torture on his poor nipples, he began to whimper and groan weakly into his gag as he faintly heard Melanie’s bathwater begin to run in the other room.

Amused by the unique soundtrack that began to echo just on the other side of her door, Melanie giggled to herself as she poured the bubble bath and then slowly slipped into its inviting warmth.  A flush smile crept onto her face as she let out a deep exhale and closed her eyes, sinking down into the bubbles and letting them wash her tension away.  As her boyfriend’s desperate moans continued to ramp up and down around the corner, she instinctively found her hand wandering south beneath the bubbles until it fell into a steady rhythm with his enduring cries…

Maybe she’d still manage to get a little relaxation in after all!

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