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Perspectives: Nipple Torture

Out of great pain comes great pleasure, as two passionate kinksters confirm from both sides of the nipple clamps...

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Posted in Stories on July 20th, 2011

I want her to hurt me…

Twist the clamps a little tighter, add another weight to the chain that dangles between them, dig those bright red nails deep into my flesh, setting my nipples ablaze with a lust for her pain.  A seductive purr hints that she’s just getting started and I crave whatever she has to dish out, whether I think that I’ll actually be able to take it or not.

Towering over me in black leather that I would die to touch, she pauses to admire the restraints that she has devised for my capture – thick, leather straps bind tightly around my wrists and ankles, arms and legs, and even across my chest, holding my body firmly to the chair that sits in the middle of an otherwise nondescript room.  A scold’s mask wrapped around my lips and neck serves as both a gag and collar, holding my chin up high in her gaze while also muffling any cries that she may elicit in the hours to come…

Spreading her legs suggestively as she straddles my helpless form before her, she sits down on my lap, the cool touch from her nearly painted-on leather pants to the ornate corset hugging her remaining curves sending sparks through my body as she leans in close to bring her ruby lips to my captive ear.  Gently running a thumb over my gagged lips while the other hand harshly grabs a thick bunch of my hair, the words roll off her tongue and weaken my last will….

“If it’s pain you want, then it’s pain you’ll get … just be careful what you wish for.”

Her slender, yet strong hands trace their way around my neck, stopping to take a firm hold around my throat before continuing downward until finally reaching their intended target.  She begins with merely her thumbs – the brief pulling and prodding intended to elongate them as much as possible, exposing the ultra-sensitive base of each nipple that she will be sadistically digging her fingernails into soon enough.  Occasionally twisting and turning them at random intervals, she mocks me with the raise of her brow to make clear that she hasn’t even begun to play yet at this point.

Then suddenly without warning, the pleasantries dissipate as she shifts in her seat and drives her freshly-manicured nails deep into each nipple, eyes locked on my own without so much as a smile as she analyzes my emotions.  She begins to scissor her sharp nails back and forth around the bases of my nipples, searching for that particularly sensitive area that will put the leather gag stuffed in my mouth to the test.  Her lips curl as I writhe and whimper beneath her, cries that do little more than mildly amuse her while she chuckles under her breath and continues to rhythmically grind her talons into the sweet spots that were found with an instant precision.

Piercing eyes command me in silence to accept and enjoy this pain which she has chosen to bestow upon me, her lips finally cracking a faint grin as I struggle in vain to escape this place beneath her that she knows I yearn for.  Her warm glow soothes despite the intense burning that she simultaneously drives through my chest – always comforting but never yielding, purring seduction in leather while she ravishes me in a way that I wouldn’t trust to anyone else.  When she appears satisfied of my initial suffering, she nonchalantly releases her grip and stands to walk across the room, her eyes still on mine as she relishes teasing me with the body I can’t even touch as her sharp heels click succinctly across the hardwood floors…

Quick to find what she’s after, she makes no attempt at concealing her prize as she saunters back to my position – in her right hand, a pair of frighteningly harsh nipple clamps with adjustable teeth, and in the other, a selection of lead weights to be hung from the chain of the clamps.  She sets the weights down beside the chair and I hear them roll softly before coming to a rest, then returns to her seat straddling my legs, this time bringing her leather-clad crotch intimately closer to my own, seeming to center herself over the blatant erection that pokes from my briefs even amidst this incredible pain.

Leaning in close with her lips to my ear, she whispers as I feel her loosening and then situating the first of the clamps over my right nipple…

“This is going to hurt a lot, my dear,” the redheaded vixen begins as I sense the metal teeth inching closer to my already tender flesh.  “But you’re going to take it for me like a big boy because that is your role beneath me…” Her seductive gaze meets mine with a compassionate, yet firm gaze as her fingertips turn the small dial that drives the teeth into their first bite – slowly, but with intention … one turn, two turns, three turns … until she can see my eyes watering up as I continued to sit helplessly locked in her gaze.

“You know that you deserve this pain…” she continues as she takes the other clamp and positions it over my left nipple, even the light tension on the chain eliciting new aches as it causes the teeth from the other clamp to further their bite into me.  “But also remember that your suffering brings me great pleasure … you do want to please me, don’t you, my pet???”

Three deliberate turns to match and now both of my nipples burn even in the absence of her touch as she allows the initial weight of the chain and clamps to really sink in.  Slowly feeling her hips begin to grind against me, soon her fingertips are back clutching both dials at the same time and my breathing quickens as she inches them a hair tighter at a time, always reading my response like a book but without expression … the look on her face of a beautiful goddess who always gets exactly what she wants.

Unable to turn from her enchanting gaze, however, I believe that she is pleased with my performance for her thus far, although in the back of my mind floats a constant reminder that she’s never once not pushed me to new depths and her aura gives me no reason to think that this evening would somehow be an exception…

Reaching down for her weights, I catch a gleam in her eye and realize that the plunge is about to come fast and hard, closing my eyes momentarily as she gives his dial two more turns in rapid succession to ensure that they’ll hold for the weights.  Her fierce eyes just inches from my own when I finally open them, they seem a little more menacing than before and I recall that she doesn’t like me to close my eyes when she has my attention.  Pulling the chain back harshly with her finger before adding the first three weights and letting them drop sharply, a wave of nervousness and fear washes over me – she cracks the first smile I’ve seen from her all evening as she shifts her weight on my lap and begins to make her pleasure a more active pursuit in our exchange.

As she takes nipples protruding from each clamp and gingerly begins racking her nails against them, amused as the new weights now bounce along the chain, eliciting sharper gasps with each drop, any moan that I dare to emit are drowned out by the sweet purr as my goddess increases her pelvic rhythm and eventually breaks my gaze to wrap her arms around me, her soft, crimson hair caressing me through the tight leather of the gag while she leaves deep scratches across my back while also ironically presses the clamps even tighter against my body with her own chest.

Her cries of ecstasy echo in my ear as wave after wave of a divine concoction of pleasure and pain assault my senses, lost in the radiant whirlwind that is the woman before me.  Extracted from all of my agony and suffering she finds a sublime joy the likes of which I’ve only witnessed from this level beneath her, and even as she gently removes the weights and loosens the clamps to provide some desperately needed relief, the only thought in my mind is a longing for the next time that she’ll allow me to take this pain for her once again…

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